Moving the Needle

  • Feb 2, 2024

All throughout February we are stitch crazy as it is embroidery month! As a distributor, this is a great chance to educate your clients about the wonders that this imprint method can do for their brands.  From the benefits of choosing this technique to their limitations, this blog will delve into everything you need to know to sell them on embroidery! Enticing customers to try your products begins with helping them make an informed decision about which items to personalize and how to make their message resonate with their intended target.   


Stay on Trend


One of the great features of embroidery is its ability to keep brands on-trend. As new styles of clothes rise and old ones make a comeback, embroidery allows customers to stay on par with the ever-changing nature of fashion. Trends often come and go very sporadically, giving brands a small window of time to capitalize on the virality of a moment. Whether they want to personalize bucket hats for a concert, sweatpants for a team, or jackets for outdoor events, the versatility of embroidery opens the door for you to sell more products. Remind customers they can also provide their own apparel to customize in addition to selecting one of our headwear options.




With sustainability being a top priority for many consumers, new sustainable apparel options are being introduced into the promotional products market. This creates an opportunity for you to sell apparel to any company or brand that wants to showcase their eco-conscious side. Embroidery is the preferred imprint method for these types of customers as it is an eco-friendly customization technique that does not use inks harmful to the environment while also being capable of withstanding many wash cycles. The durability offered by embroidery is great for companies wanting to make unique, long-lasting products to promote their brand. 


Professional Appearance


Another benefit of having products embroidered is the creative freedom it generates. Embroidery is a great option for companies with complex, multi-color logos as it gives customers the ability to choose multiple thread colors without additional charges. Embroidered imprints are programmed into a machine once the design has been digitized, and it does not require screens, making it easier to switch from one thread color to another. Our prices include stitching in full color which means they will not have to compromise the identity of their brand. Instead, our extensive thread palette includes a great range of colors, ensuring any brand will be represented with a high level of quality. 


While embroidery certainly offers numerous benefits, it's important to consider its limitations. This imprint method may not be suitable for intricate text designs, such as phone numbers or addresses, due to the thickness of the thread. To maintain legibility, we recommend opting for logos, large designs, or block letters when choosing embroidery. Educating customers on the benefits of choosing embroidered products is another way you can continue bringing innovation and value to their campaigns.