Laser Focus: Spotlight on A Popular Imprint Method

  • Dec 8, 2023

As a promo product distributor, offering a wide range of imprint options ensures you can meet the needs of different demographics and always have something to offer different types of customers. Bringing to light the benefits associated with each imprint method and how your clients can use them to their advantage is another way to add value to their promotional campaigns. Today we will be focusing on laser engraving and how you can entice your customers to give this popular personalization technique a try. 




The first quality to highlight to your customers is the durability offered by this customization option. When they choose this method, their information is permanently etched onto the product's surface, so that the custom imprint lasts as long as the product itself. Laser engraving is known to be a long-lasting and eco-friendly customization option with rapid and precise production. Our laser machines can produce engravings on wood, glass, metals, and much more by focusing laser beams at the right intensity and distance from the material to burn away the top layer of its surface. 





Laser-engraved items also carry with them a sense of elegance and class, making them perfect for many corporate and formal events. If your client’s promotional objective is to make a lasting impression with high-quality products that will pass the test of time, then this is the right imprint method for them. Engraving is ideal for metal and wood products that deliver a refined presentation for special occasions. Luxury items such as metal pens, bamboo products, and flashlights are perfect for corporate events, appreciation days, and company milestones. 



Certain products like drinkware, for example, can be screen printed or laser engraved. Depending on your client's objective, they may choose one method over the other.  Laser engraving allows them to take advantage of trends like tone-on-tone printing, which makes for a more subtle but effective imprint. Engraving on bottles, cups, and coasters creates a unique imprint great for grand openings, anniversaries, and personal events such as weddings. With this imprint method, it is easy to create one-of-a-kind souvenirs that will remain etched in recipients' minds for a long time.


Engaging with customers through promotional advertising can help your clients grow their business and foster positive business relationships. Furthermore, laser-engraved products are ideal for making long-lasting impressions while remaining a cost-effective way of personalizing gifts that can be used for many occasions.  Knowing when to pitch this imprint method and the types of clients that can make the most out of it will allow you to sell more products in a highly competitive market.