Seeing Green

  • Mar 19, 2021

As a distributor of promotional products, you should always be looking for new items to expand your current product offering. Alternatively, you could devise new ways to market existing products by highlighting special qualities and characteristics that can help your customers achieve their promotional goals. As customers seek to prepare special promotions themed around certain events that draw attention to particular interests and causes, think about the products they can use that will maximize the effect of the message they are sending. As Earth Day is just around the corner, do your customers have all the products they need to make a successful promotional campaign?

If your answer is anything other than yes, rest assured that Magnus can help you get those products into your customers’ hands hassle-free. Take a look at the following product selection, which we think will help your customers make the most out of their Earth Day promotions. 


Tote Bags are a great product for customers to personalize with their logo for Earth Day themed promotions as they are re-usable and are often associated with movements that seek to reduce waste created from single-use plastics. Tote bags are not industry-specific, and we offer a great variety of styles, allowing your customers to find the one that best suits their needs. From high-end natural cotton and hemp totes to grocery totes and wine bags, we carry a number of models that can be customized according to their budget and demographic.       


Drinkware is another product category that can be used to further advance the scope of a message. Much like bags, reusable drinkware is able to help diminish waste associated with single-use plastic bottles and paper cups. Insulated bottles and tumblers which can be used for both hot and cold liquids are useful year-round, giving their brand and cause exposure regardless of the season. We have retail-inspired options for your stylish customers and budget-friendly alternatives suitable for mass giveaways.  

Bamboo Products

Lastly, we offer a number of bamboo products, which serve as eco-conscious alternatives to their plastic counterparts. Cutting boards, coasters and cheese boards, for example, are among our variety of unique bamboo-based options. These premium products should be reserved for special occasions and will appeal to those top clients who will be looking for the trendiest products in the market. As an added bonus, these are laser engraved, a durable and eco-friendly imprinting process that does not use inks potentially harmful to the environment. 

As more outdoor, in-person and even virtual events begin to ramp up during the year, these are opportunities for your clients to promote their businesses and causes using your products. As a distributor, it is imperative to not only inform your customers about the latest products available in the market but also highlight features of products that help them visualize how they can use promo products for their business. At Magnus, we offer many reusable and eco-friendly alternatives that are great for Earth Day and many other promotional events.  For more information about our extensive product line up, please visit our website.