Customized Toques to Keep Your Customers' Brands Top of Mind

  • Dec 23, 2022

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) reports that 69% of consumers own promotional headwear. This means that they are among the most popular products to customize with a logo or personalized message. With a range of styles available for both the summer and winter months, there is always a hat for every occasion or event. As a distributor, headwear possesses many unique characteristics that allow you to demonstrate its value when pitching them to clients. As they prepare their marketing material, encourage your clients to add personalized toques to their campaigns as they are perfect for keeping their brand on trend all season long!


There are many ways to decorate toques, allowing the public to create a truly unique product. Beyond educating your customers about the latest products available in the market, you should also bring light to different decoration methods and the various creative ways they can be used to further advance the scope of a message. Embroidery is the most popular method, and also one of the most durable, offering a longer-lasting imprint.  Embroidered garments will be able to withstand the test of time without any loss of detail to your client’s imprint. Pitch this decoration method to anyone working in construction, industrial settings, restaurants, and sporting events. 


Less popular but equally effective advertising tools are screen-printed toques. This decoration method is suitable for single-colour logos and designs that require more attention to detail. With embroidery, it can be difficult to render small lettering and numbers such as a company phone number. Keep this in mind when pitching this decoration method to your clients. Personalized toques that include names for example are better suited to be screen printed. Great for giveaways, as single-colour screen printed products are inexpensive and fast to produce, ideal for last-minute promotions. 


The great thing about our decoration methods is that they can be applied to many different garments, so if our headwear options are not of your preference you can always supply your own hats to be customized. Advise them on the different printing techniques including multiple location decoration, which helps further differentiate the product.  Take advantage of the rise of comfort & functionality which opens the door to selling your clients more wearables including toques.  Remind them that branded toques can be used daily in both indoor and outdoor spaces, creating more opportunities to show off their logo.


Headwear in general can complement many outfits, and promotional toques allow for a brand to become part of the public’s wardrobe. Ideal for men, women, and even children, toques can be used to attract all demographics to a brand or event! They are also very versatile as virtually every industry and company profile can make use of them, giving you more opportunities to include them in sales and special offers this winter.