All About Imprints | Embroidery

  • Oct 1, 2021

In the promotional product industry, in order to position yourself as an industry leader, it is not sufficient to merely educate your customers about the latest products available in the market. You should also bring light to different decoration methods and the various creative ways they can be used to further advance the scope of a message. Embroidery, in particular, can be used in a myriad of unexpected ways that your clients and competitors aren’t thinking of. Sharing your knowledge and expertise with customers regarding the advantages of using this imprint technique is a great way to spark their interest and get them to try something new for their upcoming campaigns.

Multiple Colours & Locations

Embroidery is a great option for companies with complex, multi-colour logos as our extensive thread palette includes a great range of colours, ensuring that their brand will be represented with a high level of quality. However, one logo can only go so far. Embroidering multiple locations on each garment brings additional attention to the product, increasing exposure and the number of impressions generated. This technique allows customers to create products with branding that's visible from all angles. This method is also useful to identify different departments on company uniforms.


Another creative way to entice customers to try embroidering is by highlighting the durability of this decoration method. Embroidery is a more durable option to screen printing for example. Embroidered garments will be able to withstand the test of time without any loss of detail to your imprint. This should call the attention of clients that work in industrial settings, the restaurant industry and the automotive sector as they can personalize gear for their team which won’t fade or peel after multiple wash cycles. Additionally, businesses looking to outfit their personnel can add initials or the name of the employee next to the logo as a way to further personalize products. While screen printing is a valuable, and cost-effective decoration method in some circumstances, embroidery allows your customers to create custom-branded apparel that is in for the long haul. 

Subtle Branding 

Encourage customers to take advantage of trends in fashion that allow them to create a truly unique product. For example, tone-on-tone printing is something that your more stylish clientele will be looking forward to trying out as it is a trend that is taking over retail apparel. This is an elegant and subtle personalization option that still brings attention to their brand. These are great for customers looking to retail their products or use them as premium prizes for special occasions. Other subtle decoration options include embroidering the nape of the garment or the sleeve which is less typical but equally as effective in generating a response from the public.

Offering a wide range of imprint options ensures you meet the needs of different demographics and always have something to offer different types of customers. Whether it’s a small business, a mom-and-pop shop, or a local restaurant, embroidery provides the opportunity to create unique products. Highlighting the benefits of each imprint method is another way you can add value to your customer’s promotional campaigns.