Show Them the Value of Customization Options

  • Apr 29, 2022

Part of being an insightful, industry-leading distributor of promotional products is having the ability to determine which imprint methods are suitable for each item and occasion. Decoration options, whether it’s the imprint method, location or colour, are all important to the overall effectiveness of a brand message. As clients will have different objectives, varying budgets, and design concepts that they will want to incorporate, it is a good idea to offer different customization options in order to help them make the most out of their products. 




One of the factors to consider when pitching customization options to clients is how durable the final imprint will be. For this, you need to determine the types of occasions, events, and industries that are suitable for each imprint method. For example, laser engraving is known to be a long-lasting and eco-friendly customization option with rapid and precise production. Furthermore, laser engraving offers the most elegant finish, making it suitable for products that must endure continuous use and exposure to harsh environments. Pitch these customization products to high-end clients looking to make a long-lasting impression with luxury items such as metal pens, bamboo products, and flashlights. Perfect for corporate events, appreciation days, and company milestones.  




Budget is very important to clients when choosing and personalizing products. This is why, as a distributor, you should offer different customization options for clients with different budgets. Screen printing is by far the most affordable option when customizing items in 1 colour. This imprint method is best suited for printing in large volumes for events where your clients may be trying to raise awareness and get the public accustomed to their brand. Keychains, plastic pens, and calendars are amongst the most affordable items that can be screen printed for giveaways. The great thing about screen-printed products is that they allow clients to reach a wide range of individuals at a low cost. 




The last thing that may determine which of the personalization options is best suited for your clients’ events is a product’s overall appearance. So far we have covered the durability aspect, as well as the cost, but sometimes clients are willing to go the extra mile to get the product exactly the way they want. For these clients, we offer Direct-to-Garment and embroidery as they offer great flexibility when it comes to colourful, intricate designs. With embroidery, clients have a very large selection of thread colours to choose from, ideal for representing brands with various colours in their logo. Suitable for caps in summer and beanies during cooler months. DTG on the other hand offers great detail, suitable for printing pictures on bags and other moment merch.


In a vast sea of customization options, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the number of choices. Not all products have the capability of being personalized in more than one way due to physical limitations, for example, plastic items cannot be laser engraved, while metal products can’t be embroidered. However, when presented with a choice, customers can make a more informed decision, thanks to this handy guide which highlights the different advantages associated with each imprint method.