Beyond Print

  • Feb 19, 2021

A successful logo is more than just a symbol of identification of a company’s product and services. A good logo will draw in the public by telling a story, and conveying the brand’s message to ultimately create an emotional bond with the targeted audience. Beyond having a good logo, presenting it in a way that the public can become familiarized with the brand is equally important. It is this presentation that can potentially earn the exposure and awareness the brand requires, or on the other hand limit the reach and fail to communicate the intended message. In this blog, we will look at how promotional products and their imprinting methods can be used to showcase different types of logos in order to maximize their potential and help customers advance the objectives of their campaign. 


Embroidery is a great option for companies with complex, multi-colour logos as our extensive thread palette includes a great range of colours, ensuring that your brand will be represented with a high level of quality. This method works well with pictorial logos which use an image or icon to represent a brand. Our services include embroidery stitching in full colour which means your customers will not have to compromise the identity of their brand by simplifying the colours of their imprint, as opposed to screen-printing.  By embroidering multiple locations on each garment they can increase exposure and impressions, resulting in branding that's visible from all angles. This method is also useful to identify different departments on company uniforms.

Laser Engraved 

We offer two types of engraving techniques, which of the two is used depends on the material of the surface to be engraved. This method is particularly useful for the printing of wordmark logos or text-only logos as engraving does not work well with highly detailed designs, often resulting in loss of image quality. If a client’s logo is only made up of a picture or icon, it might be helpful to have variations with just the text to use for occasions like these. The advantage of choosing an engraved item is that the imprint is permanent as well as being eco-friendly and contact-free. Customers can use this strategy to draw attention to sustainable items by adding a recyclable symbol or eco-friendly message for example on metal pens or wooden items.

Screen Print

This is a versatile imprint method that works well with a number of logos including abstract, mascots and combination marks that include both a symbol and text component. These types of logos often use imagery, emblems and creative wordplay to represent a brand. As these tend to lean towards higher detail, and the name and symbol are often entwined, we recommend suggesting products to your customers with large imprint areas. Products such as tote bags and drinkware provide an ample imprint area that allows clients to include more information and keeps it displayed in a prominent area. This will be beneficial for customers looking to promote events with dates and locations, or charitable causes with many sponsors.  

A company logo is one of the fundamentals of business and the most recognizable aspect of your customer’s brand. Magnus offers a variety of products to help you find the perfect platform for their logo. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, offering the right products with the right imprints is an integral way to assist your customers’ in executing their marketing strategy. Helping your customers understand these concepts is key for them to differentiate themselves from competitors in their respective markets.