Making the Most of In-Person Events

  • Jan 21, 2022

In 2020 and throughout 2021 we saw the rise of virtual events as a creative response for businesses and event planners to deal with the adverse circumstances brought upon by the world pandemic. This created high demand for certain promo products as businesses tried new methods to remain connected with their audiences. As we move forward and continue on our path to recovery, new product trends will begin to emerge. The much-anticipated comeback of in-person events will surely have an impact on the landscape of the promo products industry as customers will be looking forward to getting together with peers and colleagues after a long hiatus. Make sure your clients are prepared for all their in-person events by including some of the following products in your lineup for 2022!




One of the ways you can help your clients make the most of in-person events is to offer products that increase visibility. Tote bags are perfect for this as they feature a large imprint area that remains visible from different angles, especially when branded in more than 1 location. Think about providing customers with items they can use while at the event as a way for them to build rapport with attendees. For example, if attendees are all wearing the same hat or drinking out of the same water bottle, they can feel a sense of belonging which is a great way to make your products resonate with them. Headwear is perfect for giveaways as it can be used once the event has concluded, while water bottles are often kept in places that increase the likelihood of a logo being seen.




Now that customers will have to bring products to events themselves, you can save them some trouble by suggesting lightweight options that are easy to transport and distribute. For anyone looking to outfit a trade show booth, we have a number of keychains that make great giveaways for these types of events. The great thing about them is that they can be used to encourage engagement when printed with a hashtag, website, or any other imprint that calls for action online. Small, inexpensive items such as plastic pens are another good alternative that can be brought to different locations effortlessly. 




In 2022 we are expecting personalized bundles and kits to be used in more promotions due to their versatility and elegant presentation. Bundling similarly themed items works great for a number of occasions including welcome packages for returning to the office, a college orientation swag bag, or charity event goodie bags. In-person events are a great opportunity for your customers to take advantage of this new trend. Create offers where customers can mix and match products to maximize the number of impressions earned.  


2022 brings you the opportunity to expand your product line up and bring your customers more options for them to showcase their brands. As a distributor, using your insight and industry knowledge you can start to think about which products you expect to be in high demand and entice customers to try them for their next promotion. With in-person events beginning to ramp up, make sure your clients are outfitted with all the necessary promotional tools for their occasion.