Notebooks for All Industries

  • Sep 3, 2021

As in-person events ramp up and employees return to the office, ensure your product lineup includes notebooks that are versatile and suitable for a number of industries. Whether it’s an offsite meeting, a convention, or the first day of classes, notebooks are a great platform for your clients to showcase their logos.  With a variety of styles available in different price ranges, they are a fit for any budget. Take a look at our options which can also be bundled with other products for welcome kits and custom gift baskets. 

Give your clients the ability to add colour to their promotion with our Mini Spiral Notebooks. Great for large volume handouts, these budget-friendly notebooks include a pen slot for customers to add a custom pen if they wish. Great for the education sector, this is a promotional product that is visually attractive and useful. Encourage customers to pair these with cinch backpacks, crayon packs, or pencils for a unique back-to-school campaign. 

Our Faux Leather notebooks offer built-to-last quality that allows customers to make a long-lasting impression. Considered premium products, our notebooks have a high perceived value that makes them suitable for corporate functions, appreciation events, and special celebrations. Highlight the importance of creating a strong brand association through the use of luxury goods for giveaways when recommending these to your clients. Durable notebooks such as this one can help them get more impressions over a long period of time. Pairing these with an elegant metal pen and a calculator would be great for welcoming employees back into the office. 

If your clients are looking for a gift to keep recipients engaged, the Hard Cover makes a great gift for a number of occasions. Versatile and sturdy, this notebook may be used for anything from journaling, to meeting notes, and even doodling. This is a great organizational tool to add to orientation packages for new students and hires. The durability of the hardcover even makes them suitable for construction job sites or other industrial settings. The double-sided lined pages allow users to write more notes without wasting paper, making this a good option for environmentally-friendly campaigns. 

Magnus offers a wide variety of notebooks to ensure you have something to offer for all your customers. Whether it’s a high-end notebook for special occasions or a cost-effective option for mass giveaways, we have the best products to help your customers achieve their promotional objectives. One of the great qualities of notebooks is that they are not industry-specific, allowing you to market your products to a wider audience.