Using Videos to Help Make the Sale

  • Feb 4, 2022

As a promotional products provider, it is imperative to constantly be looking for new ways to grow your business and seek out new creative solutions to get more sales. In a crowded marketplace, these creative solutions can also serve as a way to stand out from the crowd. One option is to explore the world of video marketing and begin creating your very own video content. There are many benefits associated with utilizing video in your sales process which can help you build long-lasting relationships with your customers while providing value to their campaigns.


Product Features 

The first reason to consider creating video content is for its ability to showcase your products. Video is the ideal media for presenting to your prospects and customers all the features and benefits of your product. They are a great way to get your audience interested in trying a new item when you shoot a high-quality video that shows the product in action. Through video, you can more accurately depict a product’s characteristics such as size, colour and texture. Additionally, with video, you can create an engaging overview of the product’s unique features that can turn prospects into buyers. 


General Guides & How-tos 

More than simply using video to shine the spotlight on a specific item, videos can also be used in informative ways to teach your audience how to make the most out of their promo. From how-to videos that show how products are decorated to general guides on suitable products for events - videos allow you to share your industry knowledge and expertise. The creation of content that focuses on the practical uses of promo and shows products being used in real situations can help customers see the value of investing in promotional marketing. 


Reach Wider Audiences  

The great thing about video is that it lets you capitalize on the current consumer trend which suggests that consumption of video content is higher than ever. Youtube has approximately 1.5 billion monthly active users, while Facebook video and Instagram are growing at a rapid rate. New platforms such as Tik Tok and other video apps are also seeing a lot of success suggesting that video content is here to stay. As a result, this creates a new channel for you to connect with new demographics. As younger generations spend a lot of time on social media, this can open up the door for new audiences to try your products. 


In conclusion, adding video to your marketing mix is something you should consider as it can help you finalize the sale in a number of ways. Through video, you can showcase product features, and reach more people while also highlighting qualities that help customers make the most out of their promo.  The rise of social media has also created an opportunity to capitalize on untapped demographics allowing your business to grow and foster new relationships.