Totes For All

  • Jan 19, 2024

It’s a new year which means your clients will be looking for creative and unique ways to remain connected with their audiences. Tote bags are a great personalized product they can gift at the beginning of the year and will remain useful for many months thereafter. As a promo distributor, you will want to build offers around different types of bags as they can be marketed to different groups. In this blog we will look at the top bags you should consider adding to your line up along with the occasions they are best suited for.


Wine Totes 


Not just for wineries, liquor stores, or restaurants, wine totes can be used by virtually any business. They make great personalized gift bags for employees, while also being suitable for family reunions, product launches, and much more!  If your clients are looking to reach the largest number of people for the lowest possible cost, wine totes are lightweight and easy to distribute at these events. Make sure to include an option they can gift on their own, or with additional promotional material inside such as branded products, catalogs, or brochures.


Shopping Totes 


Sustainability has become a focal point for many businesses looking to showcase their eco-friendly side. As a result, the demand for reusable shopping bags has increased creating more opportunities to sell your products. Branded totes that are durable and have a spacious compartment for groceries, clothes, or books are a great choice for supermarkets, retail stores, butcher shops, and more! Sell them on the distinct features of these bags such as the gusset with a sturdy bottom insert, the comfortable carrying straps, and ample imprint area.


Cotton Totes 


Tote bags aren’t just for shopping, they’re often used as gym bags, day bags, and even as an alternative to purses. Help them stay on trend with stylish cotton totes that can be personalized with colorful attractive designs using our Direct-to-Garment imprint method. Pitch these for special days such as anniversaries, appreciation events, and other important milestones by highlighting the premium features that make these bags must-haves for recipients. Made from premium materials and fabric these bags are washable, allowing businesses to make more impressions each time they are used.


Personalized totes are a popular item to hand out on several occasions including personal events, company milestones, and other celebrations. Their versatility and durability allow you to market them to different demographics. Ensure your lineup includes various types of totes bags to ensure that each of your clients can find the one that best suits their needs.