Target Summer!

  • May 13, 2022

Appealing to your customer's needs is a great way to help you make the sale! But pitching the same promo products to all of your customers year-round may not be the best approach. Instead, you may want to group products by season and highlight the special qualities that make them desirable options for clients looking to promote their brands. As a distributor, creating special offers and deals each season enables you to provide a memorable experience to your customers while boosting sales during slow periods. Make your clients excited about trying new products and show them how a seasonal marketing campaign can benefit their business.


Create Bundles


Seasonal promotions are the perfect opportunity to get rid of inventory and overstocked products that are taking up space in your warehouse facility. Distributors often keep certain products in stock, however, due to changing trends and customer preferences, from time to time it’s a good idea to free up space for newer products - especially if the current options have not been selling that well. A good idea is to run a sale in which you can bundle together items that complement each other.  For summer promotions, you can offer a bundle that consists of a cap, drinkware, and a cinch bag perfect for all outdoor events.  Alternatively, you can give out a free product as a gift with the purchase of another as a way to entice customers to come back to you in the future. 


Encourage Action


Another advantage of seasonal marketing is that it creates excitement among customers which can encourage them to take action. Seasonal marketing allows distributors to create special offers and deals that only occur during that specific season or holiday. Limited time offers such as promo codes that expire within a certain time frame lead customers to act quickly and get the deal before the opportunity passes. Create a sense of urgency that will make a customer more likely to buy. Highlight product options such as cooler bags, bottle openers, and koozies, ideal for all summer promotions. As seasons change, put the emphasis on different products to ensure that customers understand the value you're adding to their promotions and act on your offers. 


Narrow Down Your Target Audience 


As timing is very important your offers may go unnoticed if you are pitching products to industries during their busy season. Think about advertising your products and targeting industries that are less busy in the summer, and more likely to hear your product pitches. The education sector along with healthcare are great markets to target in the summer with writing instruments, notebooks, and desk items as they will want to prepare their marketing material prior to the start of the fall. On the other hand, markets like construction see their busiest periods in the summer and spring, making fall and winter the best time to target those businesses. 


Maximize the effect of your seasonal promotions by understanding the types of products that are in demand each season and expand your line to include some of the season’s top products. As trends are ever-changing, summer brings forth the opportunity to get rid of old inventory and market existing products in a new light. Entice customers to act now with special offers available only during this season and ensure you are targeting your desired audience by helping them get their products ahead of their busy seasons.