Stand out with Winter Colours

  • Dec 11, 2020

The start of a new season offers creative possibilities for promotional product distributors to market and expand their product offerings. One of the ways you can encourage clients to revamp their marketing campaigns is to highlight how seasonal preferences and taste such as trending colours can help them stand out. Along with providing seasonally relevant products, utilizing the season’s most popular hues is a great tool for further bringing attention to a brand or event. Whether your client wants function or fashion, these colour schemes will help them create a unique promotion that will be memorable far beyond the winter season.

Beat the Blues

You know what they say – if you can’t beat them, join them! Blue shades will be trending this winter and offer a great range of possibilities for personalization. From light blues that evoke tranquillity to deeper darker tones that represent the cooler temperatures of the season, there are plenty of products available that clients can add their logo to. Alternatively, they can imprint their swag in these tones for a more subtle personalization option.  Build campaigns that encourage clients to mix and match their favourite blue products for a one of a kind gift set.

Remain Neutral

Neutral tones such as Grey, Stone, and Blacks will be immensely popular this season in products and also as a personalization colour option. These colours work well in corporate and office environments for both men and women which goes hand in hand with larger trends in society such as more inclusive workplaces. Promo products such as office supplies in solid neutral colours allow the personalization to jump out, creating an attractive contrast. We are happy to work with you to select an imprint method and colour that allows your branding to get the attention it deserves.  Ensuring products are available in these colours and can be personalized in these popular tones is another way to entice clients to try something new this season.

Greener Pastures

One of the themes of winter 2020 will be re-emergence and re-growth as businesses look forward to greener pastures in spring 2021. With many industries bouncing back after a challenging year the colour green can be used in promotions to represent a fresh start. Green will also work well for brands and virtual events associated with health and fitness as clients prepare their promotions which often play on New Year's resolutions. Dark greens such as military olive can be used to communicate: strength, stability and power, while brighter greens that inspire sustainability can be used for eco-friendly initiatives.  

Distributors should take advantage of the possibilities brought forth by the start of a new season and expand their product offerings or alternatively find new ways to market existing lineups. One of the ways they can do that is by introducing clients to new methods of personalization and offer expertise on the creative possibilities of using promo products to get noticed.