Golf Season Promos to Excite Your Customers!

  • May 14, 2021

From fundraisers and charity tournaments to playing friendly rounds with friends, golf brings forth many opportunities for your customers to showcase their brand. The great thing about golf season is that not only does it allow you to bring more specialty products to your clients, but it also gives you the opportunity to market existing products in the context of golf. While some products are better suited for themed promotions and targeted campaigns, we also offer items that remain useful beyond the golf season, to ensure you have something for all your clients! Entice them to get in the swing of summer by creating exciting promotions that include the following options.


Specialty Items

Golf Balls, Divot Tools and Golf Tee Sets are great options to include in your lineup as they make great giveaways and freebies during the summer months. Encourage customers to mix and match these items to create the ultimate branded bundle. By creating promos that emphasize golf, your customers can simultaneously promote healthy lifestyles while pushing forward their advertising. This is a unique opportunity for them to capture the attention of a specific audience and could be used as a new channel for generating awareness.


Caps & Drinkware

Although these products are not just for golfers, they give you the opportunity to highlight qualities that make them great gifts for the season. As a bonus, these products will remain useful past the original campaign and serve as a more subtle way for them to promote their brand. Caps help keep the sun off eyes on the course, but are equally effective off the green, while Drinkware helps keep players hydrated in a number of settings including while playing golf. These promotional products are less industry-specific and can be marketed to just about anyone, opening up possibilities for your customers to create promos to excite customers of all walks of life.


Bags & Wall Calendar 

While many businesses have returned their employees to a safe office environment, others are still mitigating the effects of the pandemic and will be looking for ways to stay connected with their audiences. Tote Bags, Drawstring Backpacks and our Golf Tips Wall Calendar are great for mailers and contactless promotions. Ensure you include options that can be mailed inexpensively as many in-person events continue to be cancelled in 2021. Encourage customers to send out bags that can be used to throw in golf gear, or calendars that serve as organizational tools whenever they are not outside perfecting their technique!


This season gives your clients more options for them to capitalize on the various marketing opportunities brought forth by the change in weather. As people get outside and enjoy the outdoors, ensure you have products in your lineup that will allow them to take full advantage of the many activities associated with the warmer weather, including golf. At Magnus we have specialty products that help promote healthy lifestyles which also remain useful once the golf season has concluded.