Get them Excited for the New Year

  • Dec 10, 2021

As another year comes to an end, many businesses have already started to plan their marketing material for the upcoming year. As a distributor, this is the perfect time to get customers excited about their New Year promotions. Considering the current supply chain issues – which have triggered rising prices, longer production times, and inventory shortfalls - it is more important than ever to plan accordingly many months in advance. By targeting customers early you will ensure they get the best selection of products and timely delivery in advance of their events.


Corporate Gifts & Incentives

The end of the year serves as a suitable opportunity for business owners to recognize team members and incentivize them for the upcoming year. Include some premium products in your offers that can be used as corporate gifts for a variety of occasions. For example, bamboo boards, picture frames, and steak knives are all items that can be laser engraved and are ideal for formal settings such as company milestone celebrations and other achievements. Great for starting off the year on a high note and for your customers to express gratitude during the holidays.

Back to Work 

In 2022 we expect many businesses to continue calling staff back into the office from their remote work locations. While some businesses have allowed staff to continue working from home for most of 2021, we are already seeing a shift back to the office which will create a demand for certain promotional items. Notebooks, portfolios, pens and lunch bags amongst other items will be trending as businesses will be looking to stock up on office supplies and other organizational products. These products can be made part of Welcome Back Kits, or as giveaways to help employers motivate their teams. 

Charity & Virtual Events

As a result of closures and as part of an effort to bring costs down, we saw the rise of a trend that is here to stay for next year - virtual events. After seeing the success of these types of events which primarily take place in digital spaces, many businesses will be looking to add physical components to complement the virtual aspect. Not only can promotional products help engage recipients, but they can also serve as means to fund projects, charities and other local community programs when retailed. Bags, hats, and backpacks are all items that you should offer as they are suitable for organizations looking to bring costs down while increasing awareness.

Each year comes with its own set of challenges that make it unique and memorable. While not all of your customers will be experiencing the same setbacks, as a distributor you can start to think about how you can help your target audiences achieve their promotional goals by asking yourself the following questions: Who are your customers and what are their business needs? What are their biggest challenges and how can your products and services help solve them? Try to predict the types of products they will be in need of the most and pay close attention to their taste as it is their preferences that will dictate the trends of the promotional industry in the upcoming year.