Food, Drink, and Restaurant Promotions!

  • Oct 15, 2021

After a year filled with challenges, the restaurant industry has managed to get back up on its feet and make a heroic comeback. Now that sales have started to pick up and the threat of another closure fades in the distance, business owners must devise creative ways to keep patrons engaged.  Promotional products provide businesses with a great way to develop and expand their brand’s reach among their target audience. As a distributor of promo products, right now is the perfect time to pitch items that can help your clients in this sector boost their sales. Ensure your line-up includes some of the following options and highlight the qualities that make them suitable for food and drink-related promotions.  

Creation of Awareness 

One of the best features of promotional products is their ability to create and increase brand awareness. This is something that everyone in the restaurant industry can take advantage of.  Products like our Recipes Calendar are ideal for your clients to distribute and get their names out there. Encourage them to mix and match similar titles so they can create the ultimate bundle. Options include our Happy Hour and Vintages titles which will also be appealing to food lovers and wine connoisseurs as a whole! 

Enhance the Experience 

Another reason restaurants may consider promoting their business through branded items is that they have the ability to enhance the experience. Add some high-quality bamboo coasters to your lineup, and help your clients achieve a more sophisticated brand image. Products that are practical and can be used to prepare food such as cutting boards and spatulas are ideal for clients looking to outfit their kitchens with branded tools. Other products worth considering adding to your lineup include openers and utensil sets which can be used to further bring professionalism to a brand.


Promotional products also make great gifts that anyone in this industry can use to express appreciation. Entice customers to customize laser engraved items that can be used in celebratory occasions such as pens, cheese boards and flasks. Using this decoration method, clients will be able to create an imprint that lasts as long as their business relationships. Highlight products that are durable and have high staying power, that way they can continue creating impressions while also fostering company culture. 

When marketing products to your customers, think about how different sectors can use different products to advance the scope of a message. Highlighting the qualities that make them suitable to be used by specific customer groups is a great way to add value to their campaigns. Magnus is your one-stop shop that brings you all the best, trending products in the market so you always have something to offer to all of your customers!