Elegant Ideas for Higher End Clients

  • Aug 26, 2022

As we enter Q3 and Q4, businesses will be looking to end the year on a high note. From holiday gifts to employee rewards there are numerous occasions for you to pitch elegant products to those special clients. While it’s great to offer budget-friendly options that everyone can take advantage of, it is also important to target clients looking for something more substantial and durable. Offering premium, high-end items is a great way for distributors to set themselves apart and position themselves as industry leaders. Pay close attention to the following product categories loaded with trending gifts that will impress even the most particular target audience.




Nothing is more impressive than fast and efficient tech-related items that can be used to enhance virtual spaces. Sleek and elegant, our Wireless Charger is useful in many settings, whether it’s at home or in the office this is a valuable product that allows your clients to remain connected.  As businesses focus their marketing efforts to reach younger generations, technology is going to be key. We also suggest adding our Bluetooth Speaker to your product offerings for clients looking to express their fun and lively side.  Lastly, we have Credit Card Holders with RFID blocking technology to ensure cards remain secured and protected. 


Faux Leather


The look and feel of leather always make for a classic, elegant gift. If you are looking to upgrade your current office product selection, consider adding our Dynasty Notebook to your lineup. Complete with a strap closure, and an external pen pocket this is a corporate gift that can be included in several year-end promotions. Great for including in bundles for new hires, or as part of welcome packages for students. We also have a couple of Notebook with Calculator combos available in different sizes that provide an alternative to regular scratch pads and notebooks. For clients wanting to pamper their audience, we have a Manicure Set that can also be included in travel-related offers. 


Wine Accessories


As good wine is synonymous with luxury, clients will be eager to personalize many wine-related accessories to present their brands as premium. Great for entertaining gifts, products from this category can be kept as souvenirs after the event. Add an elegant wine bag to your extensive bag options as well as this Retro Bottle Opener and expand your kitchen items selection. Our 2 Piece Gift Set is great for thanking and rewarding special team members. Regardless of industry, this is an item that can be used for companies to stand out and be perceived as high-end. 


The end of the year brings new opportunities for you to get customers excited about using promo. Ending the year on a high note is an ideal way for your clients to gain an advantage over their competitors. As a distributor, you should begin planning for year-end gift giving now, that way you will have something for every customer. Be prepared to fulfill the needs of your high-end customers by incorporating some of the options above into your upcoming offers.