Beat the Winter Blues

  • Jan 20, 2023

Winter is the season of reflection. With the holidays behind us and the entire year ahead, this is a great time to plan for the future. Don't get caught up with the winter blues and instead use this time to bring your clients more of the promotional products they desire. Use the first part of the year to encourage your audience to begin brainstorming and preparing their marketing material for the upcoming months.  No matter the weather, there are always occasions to celebrate using personalized products. 




One of the top categories during winter is apparel as it is filled with stylish options to keep everyone warm. Companies can use these as appreciation gifts, as part of their uniforms, or as a seasonal giveaway. It is a good idea to keep products such as beanies and toques readily available in stock as they will be in high demand during the winter months. Don’t forget that we also offer embroidery and printing services for those clients that choose to provide their own apparel. Our DTG printing technique works very well with long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies, ideal for cold weather. 




With people wanting to get a break from the cold, the travel category will see a rise in demand. Be prepared for clients going on vacation, on long drives, and on train rides - which are all opportunities to show off their logos. Travel agencies, car rental services, hotels, etc will be looking for products during this time to giveaway for complementary purchases and as loyalty rewards. Consider including portable products such as tumblers, hand sanitizers, and travel bags as well compact items like mirrors and toothbrushes. Offering travel products remind everyone about the importance of planning ahead and staying organized, making them great promotional tools. Make sure your clients remain comfortable and well taken care of during their holiday no matter where they go. 


Kitchen Items 


Many people tend to stay indoors and host parties in their houses during winter, making it a good opportunity for them to invest in cooking utensils and other kitchen items. This section offers a great variety of products for your clients to use in their marketing campaigns. Regardless of industry, cookware makes great gifts for many occasions. Whether it's a formal event such as a company anniversary, or a fundraiser for a family reunion, kitchen items are a crowd favourite. Some great options include cutting boards, knife sets, and bottle openers


As you can see, winter is a great time to buy and personalize promotional products. In this list, you will find a good mix of unique and fun items that are always handy and appreciated During this time you have the opportunity to highlight product features that make them highly useful during the cold season. It will also be to your clients’ benefit if they pre-order and prepare their promo materials ahead of time to offset any inventory issues with their orders.