Year End Target Markets

  • Oct 21, 2022

The end of the year is among us which means your clients need corporate and employee gifts, as well as awards to celebrate their business results. Encourage them to show gratitude for the work, sacrifices, and success that others have brought to their respective companies and organizations through the use of promotional products. With the holidays around the corner, this is also a great opportunity to pitch products to certain markets and end the year on a strong note. From new emerging trends to old classics with a twist, there are lots of creative ways to help your clients stand out in Q4.


Corporate Gifts and Incentives


Studies show that individuals perform better in the workplace when they receive positive reinforcement rather than emphasizing mistakes to fix (Qarrot, 2020). This means that employees who feel valued and appreciated will ultimately increase productivity and efficiency, leading to improved business outcomes. This is important to keep in mind when pitching products to clients, as there are many promotional items that can be used to incentivize and reward individuals. Lifestyle products such as cheese boards, knife sets, and coasters are suitable as they are durable and long-lasting - alluding to the strength of the business relationship. Your lineup should include a variety of products that can be enjoyed by everyone while relaxing at home, away from work.  


Charity Events/Nonprofits


A more specific market that will be looking to invest in promotional gifts is the non-profit and charity sector. From year-end fundraising events to planning for the new year, targeting charity events is a great way to finish the year. During this time many organizations will be planning for the following year and strategizing how to garner additional support. Staying on top of your clients’ needs and being able to provide solutions for them is one of the ways you can continue to be the best resource for your clients. Being up to speed on the market is a great way to show that you are connected with your clients and increase their positive connotations of you. Tote bags, notebooks, and calendars are some examples of inexpensive items with a great reach that are perfect for this market.  


Hospitality & Travel 


Another market to target at this time is the travel and hospitality industry which is expected to get busier as individuals plan their holiday for the end of this year and the start of the next one. Make sure your hospitality clients are stocked with the best and newest products in the market such as chargers, speakers, and other tech products that will come in handy while traveling. These products are great for travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, or anyone looking to give their own clientele a royal treatment this holiday season. Great for building customer loyalty, encourage anyone from this sector to personalize luggage accessories, hand sanitizer, and backpacks. 


The key is to offer products that serve a purpose and the public is interested in receiving. Moreover, timing is also very important as you want your clients to plan campaigns early, in order to maximize the effects of the products. In this case, promotional gifts provide an affordable and easy way to reward team members. While for certain industries this is a great time to begin planning for the future.