Writing Instruments for All Your Clients

  • Dec 22, 2023

Remember the last time you received a card with a handwritten note? This simple but very meaningful gesture makes gift-giving more personable and adds meaning to any gift. As a distributor of promo, you can harness the power of handwriting to inspire more unique promotions among your clients. From people working in offices to contractors and even children - everyone can make use of writing products, making them some of the most versatile items in the market.




Notebooks and notepads are great products to inspire creativity. Clients can use them as year-end and New Year gifts, encouraging their recipients to journal, make to-do lists, and even keep track of their personal goals. The start of a new year is the perfect time to include notebooks in your offerings as they make great gifts for several occasions while remaining useful for a long time. Handwriting has many benefits including improving our memory and critical thinking skills, making it a thoughtful gift that does more than just promote their brand. 




Research from Princeton University found that writing notes by hand improves one’s ability to remember things long-term. This is part of what makes promotional pens indispensable tools for education. Colleges can use writing instruments as giveaways for student events, while business owners can include them in welcome kits for new hires. Regardless of industry, pens can be used to write down training and meeting notes to reinforce knowledge and allow users to get a better grasp of a concept. 




Writing isn’t always just a pastime or hobby, sometimes it’s part of the job. In addition to a great selection of metal, plastic, and aluminum pens we also have pencils. Ranging from regular wooden pencils to carpenter pencils - these can help many individuals in certain industries get the job done. Pencils are important for engineers, architects, anyone in construction, interior design, arts & crafts, and more! They can be given out on their own or as part of a bundle with other writing instruments and notepads.  


Even in this digital age, handwriting remains a very powerful way to communicate. Although our mobile devices may be capable of amazing things, they’ll never replace the written word. When you think about it, there isn’t a day that goes by without needing to write something down. Whether it’s a grocery list at home or a quick memo on a sticky note at work, writing things down by hand continues to be a daily practice for most people. This is what makes products that facilitate writing like pens and notebooks such wonderful promotional vehicles.