T-Shirt Frenzy

  • Apr 16, 2021

As the effects of the pandemic linger there have been many changes to the promotional products industry. Among the changing trends, we have seen the t-shirt market explode as people are spending more time at home, prompting businesses to look for comfortable options to add their logo to. The rise of comfort & functionality has created a real opportunity for distributors to highlight the virtually endless personalization options that are possible when using Direct-to-Garment printers. Below are some of the ways you can entice customers to try out DTG printed shirts for their next promotion!

Connect with Audiences

The shutdowns and legislations put in place to help slow the spread of the virus have left business owners and event planners scrambling for ways to stay connected with their audiences. As virtual events became commonplace as a viable solution, this opened the door for organizers to send “swag bags” and other promotional material in the mail including DTG printed t-shirts. The rich branding opportunity brought forth by this printing process can be used by customers to elicit emotional responses and reinstate the feeling of community among patrons. By providing your customer alternatives to staying connected in the face of adversity, you can show them they've made a wise decision in choosing you as their distributor.

Show Appreciation

With business ramping up in the spring and summer months this could be a great opportunity for customers to show appreciation to those who made it possible to stay afloat and continue business operations. As DTG printing is perfect for accurately transferring full-colour photographs onto t-shirts, you can use them to celebrate special occasions where memories remain front and center. As apparel is great for generating nostalgia, customers can tap into this by mixing and matching vintage-style shirts and colours to create the ultimate throwback feel, ideal for immortalizing milestones or anniversaries. As a distributor, you can play a role in helping your customers build meaningful relationships today and in the future.


Promotional products are not only functional they are also fashionable, allowing you to encourage employers to try out new products and decoration methods. Through the DTG printing process, customers can bring unique designs to life in small batches perfect for highlighting relevant topics in the world of sports, politics and entertainment. Prints are completed much quicker compared with screen printing, allowing businesses to turn viral moments into custom merchandise that can be retailed. 

The shift in demand from certain promo products onto others, for example, an uptick in PPE gear indicates a change brought forth by the world pandemic. As a distributor is it important for you to stay up to date with these trends in order for you to bring your customers the best, most relevant products to help them reach their promotional objectives. With many businesses experimenting with remote work arrangements we have seen an increase in demand for comfortable wear. Encourage them to try DTG printed shirts as a way for them to mitigate the challenges of staying open. The personalization options are vast and can open a new world for your clients!