Promotional Products For the Auto Industry

  • Feb 3, 2023

Drivers spend an average of more than 17,600 minutes — or about 293 hours — behind the wheel annually (AAA Foundation).  As a significant portion of our lives is spent driving, this creates an opportunity to pitch your clients personalized automotive products. These are great for auto-centric businesses to use in promotions and events in the upcoming months. From items that improve the car’s efficiency, make a commute more enjoyable, or give recipients peace of mind from a safety standpoint - reaching the auto demographic has never been easier! 


High-End Products 


Many dealerships and body shops tend to complement their customers with personalized gifts that are often high-end. As they pride themselves in offering top-notch service and the best quality vehicles, it makes sense that their promo products would also reflect luxury. From high-quality apparel that's personalized in multiple locations to durable drinkware that stands the test of time - there are plenty of products that are designed to make a lasting impression. Apparel can also be used by companies as appreciation gifts or as uniforms for their employees. At Magnus we offer embroidery and other premium decoration services on garments provided by you, giving you more flexibility when building out your promotions. 


Safety Products 


Anyone working with cars knows how important it is to be prepared in case of an emergency. Safety is a major concern for automotive businesses and through the use of promotional products clients can transmit peace of mind to their audience. For example, offering products such as tire pressure gauges, flashlights, and ice scrapers is a great way to promote roadside safety. We also have specialty rescue knives with a glass breaker tip and seatbelt cutter which can be added to bundles or gifted on their own. Think about adding items to your lineup that can get recipients out of a situation or provide a quick fix, such as branded tools.  




Another option for your clients in the automotive industry is to personalize accessories that can be taken on the go. Portable, easy-to-bring-along items are great for road trips or for anyone commuting to work or school. These products can be included in travel-themed promotions which are very popular at the beginning of the year. Portable items have special appeal as they provide a mobile branding opportunity for your clients, allowing them to make impressions in different settings like airports, hotels, and public transit. Encourage them to add their logos to our toothbrushes, folding brush & mirror combo, or a travel case as they allude to always being on the move! 


After identifying the markets you would like to target, you need to carefully select the products that make the most sense for that industry. Think about enticing clients to try your products by highlighting the benefits of incorporating them into their marketing. As a distributor, it is important to offer a variety of products, from industry-specific options to more general giveaways that can be used by everyone.