Perfect for Picnic Weather

  • May 12, 2023

Picnic season is finally here which means you should consider adding new products to your lineup that will allow clients to make the most of the nice weather! From family reunions to company celebrations, there will be tons of occasions for you to target with seasonally relevant promo products. The change in weather is the ideal time for customers to revamp their marketing with new and trending branded items. 

As the year progresses make sure you are pitching different types of items that can be used to help a brand or event gain visibility.  As summer is around the corner, entice customers to give out new promo early in the season as a way to increase the advertising potential of their campaigns.


Snacks on Snacks!

Whether it’s an anniversary, a company, or a personal milestone - picnics are the perfect way to celebrate achievements. As the number of outdoor events ramps up you can pitch cutting boards and serving trays, great for cheese, meat, or fruit platters. These provide an elegant setup for presenting an appetizer or charcuterie snack. Alternatively, for the grillers, we have BBQ sets and cooking utensils, both of which are ideal for meal prepping outdoors. 


Custom Drinkware Accessories

Every meal needs a drink which is why you should include plenty of drinkware accessories in your product offerings this summer. From koozies to keep drinks cool, to bottle openers - people will be thrilled to receive products that make spending time outdoors more enjoyable. Look out for openers with more than one function as these will help your clients create more impressions. With each additional function, the likelihood of the product being used increases! Cooler bags are another great choice that are sure to give your brand visibility as recipients enjoy camping, attending sporting events, or hanging out by the beach.  


Hot Apparel Options
Staying cool and comfortable is a top priority as picnic weather rolls around. Even the biggest outdoor enthusiasts will need caps and other apparel to keep them protected from the sun. There are many options that feature designs made for hot weather. For example, lightweight moisture-wicking materials allow wearers to move more freely. If your clients opt for this kind of clothing, remember that we can still personalize it for them using our decoration services. From waterproof gear to high-end performance garments, we can add an imprint to make attire more unique.


As you create upcoming offers make sure to include personalized items that can be used to accessorize outdoor events such as picnics, company BBQs, and other social gatherings. Aside from entertaining guests, our products make great creative gifts for everyone attending. Regardless of budget, Magnus has a great selection of products that will make great additions to all summer get-togethers. Take advantage of the number of people that will be looking to get outside and equip them with tools that not only enhance their experience but also promote a brand or event.