Our Favourite Metal Pens Your Customers Will Love!

  • Sep 17, 2021

Your customers are no doubt looking for cost-effective marketing and branding options so make sure to offer a variety of pens to help them achieve their promotional objectives. Branded pens are used daily by many businesses and are often kept for a long time, making them a suitable option for clients in need of a viable advertising vehicle for their company or event. Metal pens, in particular, offer a refined, budget-friendly and versatile platform for businesses to increase brand awareness. Make sure to consider adding the following metal pens to your lineup as a way to give your customers more options to showcase their branding.


We offer a number of elegant and classic pens that can be used to create a distinguished and sophisticated brand appearance. Pens such as the Director make great gifts for a number of occasions such as anniversaries, company milestones, and other special celebrations. This one comes in a presentation box to help you market it to your customers as a suitable gift for corporate events. Other options include the Tremblant and the timeless Westpoint, both of which have high perceived value and deliver a better writing experience. These are ideal for customers that need to make a lasting impression. 


One of the great qualities to highlight about metal pens is their affordability. With our pens, your customers can spread the word about their business or event without breaking the bank! If they are looking to target prospects and have the public become accustomed to their brand, they can benefit from personalizing pens which are great for high volume handouts and mass giveaways. The Boston is a slim, lightweight pen suitable for tradeshows, conventions, and other in-person events. The Sarnia and Cornwall offer great quality for a low cost, making both suitable to market to charities and organizations with limited budgets. 


Another impressive quality of pens is that they are great tools for driving engagement. Our metal pens with stylus work very well for tech-savvy customers and younger demographics. When creating offers make sure to highlight this quality as a way to attract different customer groups. By adding some stylus metal pens compatible with smart screens to your line you will ensure there is something for all your clients. The Hamner and Rockland are among our favourites due to their sleek and stylish appearance. Great for marketing to digital businesses and the tech industry, the Lindsay can be used by customers to encourage online engagement.

Metal pens are versatile products that can be used in a number of scenarios, giving you more opportunities to market them to your clients. Whether they are looking for a high-quality pen to commemorate a special date, or whether they want to increase awareness – we have all the tools to help them create unique campaigns. Highlighting the characteristics that make metal pens such great advertising vehicles is another way you can add value to their promotions.

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