On Your Marks: Promo for Races and Marathons

  • Mar 1, 2024

As spring approaches there will be an increase of outdoor events as people will be eager to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. Fundraising events organized by charities and other non-profits are very popular around this time of year, giving you new opportunities to sell your products. Marathons and races are the heart of these fundraisers as they are fun events that draw in large crowds and garner huge amounts of support from the community. Volunteers, participants, spectators, and organizers all need swag which is why you should be ready to outfit them with the best promo for marathons and races! 




Right now is the perfect time to start planning, and find out what promos your clients will need. Reaching out to potential sponsors and organizers ahead of time is crucial as promo can be used to recruit volunteers and participants before the event. Branded pens, keychains, and calendars are ideal low-cost options that can be distributed ahead of time to create some buzz around the race or marathon. These items are affordable giveaways that also have mass appeal. They can be given away for free without having a significant impact on the budget for the event but have a big impact on awareness. 

Race Day


From apparel for participants to caps & hats to keep volunteers visible throughout the day, there’s no shortage of products that you can pitch for race day. Encourage them to personalize a t-shirt with features like moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties which will help runners stay comfortable while breaking a sweat. Using our decoration services, your customers can personalize t-shirts for spectators to wear which can also be sold to fundraise the event. For cooler climates and races taking place in the fall, it is a good idea to pitch them beanies, hoodies, and other logoed wearables.



Post Event


There are also opportunities for you to sell promo that can be used and kept for a long time after the event has concluded. In terms of rewards for winners, you can pitch water bottles and backpacks which recipients keep for several months on average. These products are also great for thanking sponsors and patrons for supporting the event. Other incentives include bamboo products such as cutting boards, coasters, or tumblers as they are highly valued and will be appreciated by recipients. Clients can incorporate branded merch into packages to make them more appealing to sponsors.


Make sure to ask all your clients if they have an upcoming race, marathon, or sports tournament this spring as it opens the door for you to sell more promo. Some of these events are recurring every year which only creates more opportunities for you down the road. Additionally, you can use these events to get in touch with other organizers, who can score you some referrals for similar types of occasions in the future.