Marketing in The Bag

  • Jul 29, 2022

As plastic bag bans become the norm across the country, the demand for reusable totes will continue to grow. For promo distributors, this shift is a great opportunity to sell more reusable bag alternatives while giving clients new ways to get their message out to the public. In terms of advertising, bags and totes are kept for an average of 11 months generating over 5,700 impressions - 2,500 more than the next product category (ASI Central) making them one of the best ways to make an impact. Additionally, there are different styles that you can pitch to different clients depending on their industry or promotional objectives, so it’s no wonder they remain extremely popular! 


Budget Friendly


If your client is planning to attend or organize a one-off event such as a tradeshow, giving away branded promotional bags is a great way to generate buzz.  According to ASI Central, 85% of people who are given a promotional item will remember the advertiser that gave it to them, making our convention tote perfect for attendees as it gives them an excellent souvenir, encouraging them to attend future events. These are also suitable for grand openings and product launches or any other type of event where the objective is to get people excited about a special occasion. Alternatively, our mid-size totes are durable, spacious, and versatile, increasing the likelihood of recipients using it for much longer.


Retail Value 


Branded tote bags are stylish and trendy while also helping the environment by cutting down on single-use plastic, making them suitable for retail. Clients can customize our shopper tote as a great way to make extra profit, especially when associated with a cause or charitable initiative. Encourage customers to sell these with a portion of the proceeds going to an eco-conscious initiative of their choice.  As 81% of people feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment (NielsenIQ, 2018) this suggests that people are more likely to support a business if they practice corporate social responsibility. This is a great option for non-profits, charities, or anyone looking to raise awareness.

Image courtesy of ASI Central 


Unique Designs


In addition to emphasizing the high quality and usefulness of the bags, you can also create offers that highlight the attractiveness of bags that can be achieved through unique designs. Not only do we offer a number of natural cotton bags that are great for showcasing large intricate designs, we also offer DTG imprinting services for us to print on your garments. Items such as our hemp tote are ideal for printing photo-realistic imagery that creates a unique eye-catching product.  


There are a variety of bags available that you can add to your lineup. Expand your product offerings and include a versatile, work-style tote that’s perfect for the office while also ensuring you carry a high-quality tote made from natural materials for eco-conscious customers and initiatives. Through different imprinting techniques, when carefully designed, tote bags can be used to make a bold impact on any company or organization.