Make the Most Out of the Holidays

  • Feb 17, 2023

The start of the year is a great time to plan and build out your marketing schedule for the upcoming months. As a distributor, you know the importance of building promotions that use seasonally relevant products as they provide a way to keep audiences engaged. While there are many mainstream holidays with recognizable imagery and themes such as Halloween and Christmas - there are other less-known special days that are also worth celebrating. Depending on the markets you wish to target, you can build out a schedule with niche celebrations that allow you to reach that demographic. This year, make the most out of each holiday by creating unique opportunities to market your products and generate sales. 


One of the advantages of the various types of holidays is that they allow you to connect with new audiences. If you are planning to reach niche markets, for example, animal welfare groups and non-profit organizations you will want to build offers around National Pet Day, celebrated on the 11th of April. On this day you can offer promotions and sales with coupons, promo codes, and other incentives that spark the interest of new potential customers. Other animal awareness days include World Wildlife Day in March, and World Animal Day in October, which give you the chance to incorporate and sell more animal-themed products such as calendars


As customers will be expecting to hear from you during the traditional holidays, the lesser-known days bring new opportunities to keep clients interested. For example, you can use a holiday to build suspense and hype around events like product launches. If you are adding a new line of reusable water bottles and bags to your product offerings, you will benefit from introducing the product on environmentally-focused days. Examples include Global Recycling Day, World Water Day, and Earth Hour all celebrated in March. Using branded products are also great for highlighting initiatives, in this case, you can incentivize purchases by donating a percentage of sales to eco-friendly projects during one of these days.


Distributors can also benefit from creating campaigns that focus on specific events rather than a day, for example, back-to-school season or employee appreciation month. For these occasions, you can focus on targeting a demographic like the education sector with products like notebooks, writing instruments, and other office supplies. For businesses wanting to reward employees and patrons we have a number of high-end products that are ideal for making a lasting impression. Our lifestyle products make great gifts and can also be pitched as prizes for contests. 


Next time you are struggling to come up with new and creative ways to market your products simply take a look at your calendar! The days highlighted here are only a few examples, but you can build your own schedule based on your objectives. There is a reason to celebrate something just about every day, giving you the chance to capitalize on golden opportunities to show your clients the power of promo.