Just in Time for Summer Holidays

  • Jun 24, 2022

Although summer is upon us, it is not too late to pitch your clients promotional products that are perfect for the upcoming holidays this season. From patriotic celebrations to awareness days, there are a number of opportunities to target certain markets and make a sale! This summer, plan your sales schedule around those who will be most available this season as reaching out to clients based on their industry and busy times can help you develop a long-term business relationship. More than just suggesting which products to customize, it shows that you are in touch with their needs and preferences. 


As a distributor in the promo products industry, timing is important as you want your offers and product pitches to reach your customers’ target audience effectively. While some markets remain busy year-round, others have low and high seasons which means you should be strategic about when to target them. For example, construction is busiest during the spring and summer months, which means they are not a great sector to target in the summertime. Instead try pitching items in “off-season” such as late fall and winter, which allows clients in this market to properly analyze your offers and product options. 


On the other hand, summer is the perfect time to reach out to the education market. Schools, colleges, tutoring services, etc will all need promotional marketing material a few months before the start of a new school year. With school being out for the summer, this gives event planners the opportunity to build out their campaigns well in advance and order personalized gear that can be used for school events year-round. Notebooks, calculators, colouring books and other office supplies are good options for this sector. 


Take advantage of the numerous special days celebrated in summer which create unique opportunities for clients to promote their brands. In the spirit of July 1st, you can pitch red and white pens all month long. Kan Koolers in these colours are also suitable for outdoor events, barbecues, picnics and more! As July is national grilling month, you can build out offers that highlight the utility of cooking utensils, barbecue sets and aprons. Later in August National Wellness Month is celebrated, allowing you to pitch items that can help impact health in positive ways. Choices include our Health Tips and Living Healthy calendars, water bottles, and items for self-care. 


Keep an eye out for different target markets and their busy seasons as the need for related promo products may change from time to time. While some businesses, like software companies, remain busy throughout the calendar year, be mindful of seasonal businesses or anyone working with children as their “year” looks a little different. Summer is a great time to target industries such as education, and healthcare as their schedules open up, while special days provide new ways to showcase your products.