How to Talk to Non-Profits

  • Aug 20, 2021

Like many other industries, non-profits have also been affected by the pandemic. Funding has slowed as the economic downturn has pushed people to reconsider donating their hard-earned money to charity. For years promo products have been crucial to the success of many charitable initiatives, however as a distributor, you should not position yourself as merely the “t-shirt” or “mug” people. Instead, you should provide creative ideas to assist your customers in most effectively reaching their audience and creating engagement. Understanding the types of branded merchandise campaigns that tie in well to a nonprofit’s mission is fundamental for establishing a long-lasting business relationship.


From charities, to private fundraisers, to civic leagues, all require cost-effective means to promote their efforts. As a distributor, it is imperative that you emphasize the affordability of your products and include items in your lineup that adhere to the limited budgets nonprofits often operate within. Office Supplies are amongst the most budget-friendly yet effective advertising tools you can find. According to a Global Ad Impressions Study conducted by the ASI Research team, 90% of consumers own promo pens, which produce an average of 3,000 impressions. This is an example of a great product that can be used to increase awareness and alludes to the potential donors that the pen they’re receiving can be used to write a check. In this case, the pen is related to the objective of the cause in a meaningful way.


Another idea is to help your clients get behind the trend of reward programs by incentivizing participants through the use of branded products.  Ensure your lineup also includes higher-end items with durable quality that can be used as gifts for members and employees of a non-profit organization. Bamboo Products are suitable as well as Steak Knives and other Lifestyle items that can be kept for a long time. Likewise, nonprofits are interested in new products and unique items that will help motivate particular actions, like pledging support. With many events going virtual, encourage them to try out tech-related products such as Wireless Chargers.

Getting Involved

Another way to connect with Non-Profits is to ultimately speak their language. Non-profits will often gravitate towards working with people who care and are involved in their mission. Donating products as well as your time, can help build the rapport necessary for a strong business relationship.  Being engaged with the community is a great way of breaking into the market. Offering products at discounted rates, and ensuring your lineup is sufficiently vast so they don’t have to go through different distributors is also another way of demonstrating your commitment.

Although the landscape of the nonprofit market may have changed due to the pandemic, the importance of promo products in raising awareness and garnering additional support is still key to the success of many of these types of organizations. As a distributor, it is important to position yourself as the link between nonprofits and the public, while also demonstrating to have values that encourage the growth of long-lasting relationships.