How to Sell Them on Apparel

  • Jun 25, 2021

With people spending more time than ever at home in the past year, this has prompted businesses and event planners to incorporate comfortable apparel options into their promotional campaigns. In turn, the rise of comfort & functionality has opened the door for distributors to highlight all the qualities and characteristics that make branded apparel such a great vehicle for advertising. As we move into the second half of 2021, we can expect wearable items to continue to be in high demand due to their versatility and the virtually endless personalization options that are possible through the different imprint methods available. Take a look at some of the trends in the industry which are expected to keep apparel in the spotlight and think about how you can leverage these to entice customers to try something new for their next promotion.

Dressing for Protection (PPE)

Safety and precautions will continue to dominate the public sphere as businesses will be looking to ease returning employees back to their routines. Likewise, places that have adopted permanent remote work arrangements can benefit from sending their team members branded PPE that remains visible in public places. Face covers such as masks, bandannas and neck gaiters have become more of a fashion statement lately, which gives customers the opportunity to express more of their personality through creatively designed products.

The Return of In-Person Events (Caps)

Another reason we expect apparel to be in high demand is the inevitable return of in-person events. Some places are already seeing huge crowds at sports games while other in-person events such as tradeshows and conventions are hoping to make a comeback later this year. Encourage customers to be prepared for when these types of events return with custom printed merchandise. Caps are great for a number of occasions and we offer different styles to ensure you have something for all your customers. Caps can be used by virtually every industry either as a giveaway at these events or as part of an outfit to ensure a cohesive and uniform look.

Budget-Friendly (Moment Merch & DTG)

As businesses look to get back on their feet after a challenging year, they will also be looking for alternative methods of spreading the word about their brand. Branded apparel provides a cost-effective way for your customers to stay connected with their community. The Direct-to-Garment printing method makes it possible to print full-colour, photo-realistic artwork that would be difficult and expensive to produce with screen printing. Great for printing small quantities, prints can be completed much quicker compared to embroidery allowing customers to turn viral moments into custom merchandise that can be retailed. 

These are only a few of the trends that are expected to keep apparel amongst the most sought-after promotional products this year. Use these trends to build offers that highlight the qualities and characteristics which can help your customer achieve their promotional objectives. Ensure you include some of these options in your lineup, and inform your customers about all the imprinting methods available in order to give them more flexibility to create unique promotions.