How to Appeal to the Budget Conscious Client

  • Nov 13, 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, including promotional product distributors. As a side effect of social lockdown measures, the economy has taken a hit, resulting in production slowing down for many industries. Businesses have opted for tightening their budgets and reducing how much they spend on advertising, as a way to make ends meet. This represents a new challenge for distributors; appealing to the budget conscious client, as in some cases higher end promo products are being passed over for more cost effective options. However this does not mean your clients have to settle for lower quality items, as it is possible to combine affordability with functionality. Below are the best promo products to offer, and include in marketing campaigns during the current economic climate. 

As a distributor you do more than simply provide branded products, you help deliver solutions for the many challenges your clients and their end-users may come across. This is the perfect opportunity for you to be responsive to their needs and reiterate the value of cost effective promo products, which have the capability of earning a high number of impressions without breaking the bank. Products such as drinkware are a great option right now as these are not industry specific and can be marketed to just about any business.  Additionally they are kept for an average of 12 months, which means their cost per impression is only pennies on the dollar compared to their original cost, something that will surely attract budget conscious clients.

Right now it is also a great opportunity to go back to a timeless classic that has had a resurgence in recent times. Pens are a top choice for distributors as the trend #KeepThePen only gains more momentum as a result of social distancing guidelines. Businesses are taking advantage of this trend, and encouraging their teams to give these out each time a document needs to be signed, as a way to diminish the sharing of writing instruments. The great thing about pens is that they can be used for a great range of events, meaning businesses can order these and use them for different occasions throughout the year. They are versatile, and some models are compatible with smart devices, which broadens the demographic that can use this product.  Additionally they are lightweight, making shipping them a breeze and inexpensive.

Bags are among the most customizable promo products, so it is a good idea to offer an extensive line of bags, from grocery totes to cotton bags and even lunch bags. They are made of different materials, and come in many sizes and styles, allowing you to offer different priced options. These can also be customized with different imprint methods including full-colour DTG machines which print photo realistic images that would be expensive to reproduce using screen print. 

As businesses will be looking for alternative forms of advertising there is an opportunity to provide cost effective advertising in the form of promo products. Pens, drinkware, and bags have been a staple of the industry, and don’t seem to be going anywhere as businesses can find value in products that combine utility and novelty with affordability. As a distributor it is important to stay up to date with the latest printing technologies as well as trends in the market which can be turned into solutions under unprecedented circumstances.