Help Your Customers Into PPE Gear

  • May 31, 2021

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a rapidly growing promotional product category which continues to permeate the public sphere. With lockdowns and social distancing protocols still looming, there is a good chance that these products will remain a topic of conversation for the remainder of the year. As many establishments and industries get set to re-open, they will be looking for gear to help them mitigate the challenges of returning to normalcy. This gives distributors the chance to once again be the bridge between businesses and their audiences. When expanding your promo product offerings keep in mind the following PPE options that can help your customers maintain and grow their relationships with patrons and fellow team members.


You can play a role and assist your customers in their re-opening process by adding high-quality face coverings to your lineup. These will be useful for industries such as construction, manufacturing, and travel as they will be looking to add masks to their safety-focused promotions. There’s great potential for masks to be made part of uniforms, for example in the restaurant industry. We offer different masks with varying levels of protection to ensure you have something to offer to all your customers. If you already offer masks, consider creating a promotion that includes our 3D Silicone Mask bracket as a way to differentiate yourself from competitors. This is a neat add-on that holds up the mask fabric around the mouth to create more breathing space. It also helps to protect makeup from smudging and, overall, provides a more comfortable mask-wearing experience. Take advantage of this bonus item not always offered by distributors which will help regenerate the interest of clients from different industries. 


PPE has elevated the focus on safety and wellness to the point where we are now seeing all kinds of anti-bacterial products including pens. These are great for customers working in office settings, students, or anyone constantly taking notes. These pens allow you to market writing instruments in the context of PPE although they will remain useful far beyond the end of the pandemic.  Encourage your customers to shift their emphasis on making staff and team members comfortable whenever they return to the workplace or school.


Sanitizer may be the only PPE product that was immensely popular prior to the pandemic and likewise will continue to be highly sought after once we return to normalcy. Variations of this product include hand wipe dispensers and paper soap sheets which offer portable uses that many customers will find convenient. Great for adding to swag bags, welcome back bundles, and personalized kits of all kinds, these can be marketed to just about anyone. With in-person events such as live sports, trade shows, and conventions making a comeback, now’s the perfect time to market these highly versatile products.

With health and safety on everyone's mind, PPE remains as important as it was at the beginning of the pandemic. While you always want to provide clients with the trendiest product available, don’t forget that health and wellbeing continues to be a top priority. Recognizing how products can be used to help customers stay connected and engaged with their audience is a crucial part of being a successful distributor.