Help Your Customers Gear Up For Summer

  • May 3, 2021

Distributors should take advantage of the possibilities brought forth by the start of a new season by expanding their product offerings, or alternatively find new ways to market existing line ups. At Magnus, we understand the important role you play in providing your customers with the most relevant products as a way to help them achieve their promotional objectives. This is why we created a shortlist of ways to help customers gear up for summer which highlights how seasonal preferences and taste can be leveraged to further bring attention to their branding.  Below are some ideas to encourage your customers to revamp their marketing campaigns, while helping you make the sale this upcoming summer!

New Colour Schemes 

It is a good practice for customers to not only rotate through products based on seasonal relevance but also for them to utilize the season’s most popular hues as a tool for driving their brand message home. Colours really do matter when it comes to custom promo products as they can be used to elicit emotional responses and inspire unique promotions. Among this season’s power colours we have vibrant yellow, to communicate happiness, positivity and optimism. Create offers that highlight products available in this colour and encourage customers to mix and match items from different categories for the ultimate branded bundle. Office products are a great option as they are not industry-specific and can be used by a great range of company profiles. 

Unique Products 

Summer also brings forth the opportunity to market products that are particularly useful in warm weather. This is not to say that these products will not be used after the summer, but rather they allow customers to leverage good timing to ensure they are utilized for a long time. Kan Koozies are a staple of summer fun as they help keep drinks cold in a number of settings. Bottle Openers, Cooking Utensils and Aprons will surely come in handy and can be used by customers for a number of outdoor events. These can be marketed to just about any industry, allowing you to make new connections as they reinforce existing ones.  

New Imprinting Methods 

Lastly, you can help customers gear up for summer by highlighting imprint methods that are better suited for colourful summer promotions. Our D-T-G printing process is ideal for multi-coloured, complex designs that would otherwise be difficult and expensive to reproduce using screen printing.  We offer this imprint method on a number of products, including tote bags which are perfect for a number of outdoor events, and celebrating special days. 

Keep these trends in mind as customers build out their summer promotions, in order to help them maximize the efficacy of their message. Beyond providing relevant products, we have found that the colour schemes and imprint methods chosen can be utilized to evoke emotional responses, and further advance the scope of a message.