Hats Off: The Power of Promotional Headwear

  • Feb 16, 2024

When your customers are looking for trendy promo they can use to advertise their business, make sure to pitch them headwear. Custom hats are everywhere, at sporting events, political rallies, product launches, and even grand openings. People love wearing them, which is what makes them ideal for presenting a brand to the world.  As you continue to expand your product offerings,  keep in mind the following styles, characteristics, and personalization options that make hats the perfect promotional tool for all your clients.




Whether it’s for a local sports team, a charity, or a work uniform, hats make a great addition to many promotions. Your clients will love branded hats as they can be used in various scenarios and settings, making them effective tools for raising awareness. In the summer, a well-constructed cap with a mesh back, such as our Trucker Cap, provides sufficient ventilation to keep their heads cool while keeping the sun away from their eyes. While a snug-fit toque protects from the frigid weather even on the coldest of days during the winter.





The spectrum of headwear styles ensures there’s always a product, no matter the client. This opens the door for you to sell different hats to different audiences. For example, baseball caps are staples for souvenir shops, golfers, and personal events while beanies are great options for company swag, outdoor events, and students. Customers can always bring in their favourite headwear to be personalized using our decoration services. Whether they have a preferred brand they want to use, a specific colour of the hat, or style, we can customize it however they like to make it appealing to their audience.


There are also many customization tips that you can use to entice customers to give headwear a shot. Although embroidery is usually the preferred decoration method for beanies and caps, there are instances where screen printing can be applied. If they are looking to include someone’s name on the cap, screen printing allows for small letters to be legible along with other text such as phone numbers. Otherwise, logos and simple graphics can be rendered using embroidery, which also offers a longer-lasting imprint. 



Hats are the ideal product to hand out at trade shows, conventions, job fairs, festivals, and more.  Hats have a special value as they can be used during the event and also remain useful even after the event has concluded. This is a wonderful feature to emphasize to your clients which highlights the long-lasting advertising power of headwear. Encourage them to create unique attractive, eye-catching products that can be used and kept for a long time.