Go Social!

  • Feb 22, 2022

Promotional products can be used in a myriad of ways to build brand awareness and keep audiences connected. In the age of social media, promotional products have never had a better stage to shine on. Whether it’s showing off a product’s unique design, how it’s made, or even how it works, there are endless ways in which branded items can be used to complement digital marketing efforts. As a distributor, teaching customers how promo and social media combine is another way to entice the public to try your products while giving you the opportunity to connect with new prospects. Below are some examples of instances where it would be suitable to use promo & social media!


Trade Shows 


Trade shows are ultimately the perfect setting for combining digital and print methods into one strategy. Teach your customers about the value of creating experiences that are memorable, and increase the likelihood of the public remembering the brand.  By incorporating technology into a trade show, customers can make an interactive space for their audience, which continues to keep them engaged after the original event has concluded. Adding a hashtag to a mug, a tote bag, or pen is a great way for users to interact via social media and keep the conversation going online. The idea is for them to use the promotional item as a vehicle to drive engagement online.


Virtual Events


Another instance where customers can use promotional products to support digital marketing campaigns is for virtual events. As a response to the lockdowns and restrictions, many event planners and industry leaders have moved their events to virtual spaces in order to keep business going. The great thing is that virtual events provide unique opportunities to put promo products to work. As much of the action will be happening on the computer screen, customize desk items such as notebooks and other office accessories to help create a tangible aspect of the virtual experience. Physical products are an important tool used to reinforce visual content used in digital marketing techniques. For example, entice customers to take pictures of their products and upload them to social media as a way to create a sense of community, while being apart.


Prizes & Rewards


Premium promotional products make great personalized prizes for contests and can also be used as rewards. Invite customers to hold online contests for which they can give out branded products such as headwear, lifestyle and kitchen items as gifts for the winners. Premium products can be used to encourage loyalty and keep audiences coming back. Winners of the contest can take it to their social media and tag whoever gave them the gift, giving your customers additional exposure. Great for employee appreciation events, our premium bamboo items also make unique prizes to commemorate special occasions.


At Magnus, we offer a great selection of products that can be used to support digital marketing efforts. From attractive designs that can be shared on social media, to products that keep communities engaged and provide a sense of community - there are loads of ways for your customers to incorporate promo into their campaigns. As a distributor highlighting the different creative uses of promo gives you more opportunities to add value to your customer’s campaigns.