Get Them Thinking about Going Back to School

  • Jun 11, 2021

Planning for back school can be a real challenge especially under the unprecedented circumstances of a world pandemic. However, with a number of positive predictions beginning to take shape regarding the return of in-person learning, businesses will be looking to stock up on promotional products to help students, teachers and parents start the year off on a high note. This presents a new opportunity for distributors like you to pitch a wide variety of desk items, office accessories and other items to clients in the market for back-to-school promotions. Create campaigns that include the following options and highlight important features that can help your customers reach their promotional objectives.

Wellness Kits 

As safety will continue to be a top priority in the process of re-opening, Personal Protection Equipment will continue to be in high demand at least for the remainder of the year. Encourage customers to create wellness kits that will assist in creating a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all parties. Emphasize the great potential there is for masks to be made part of school uniforms, once personalized with emblems, taglines and mottos. Sanitizers, hand wipe dispensers and paper soap sheets offer portability which will help keep clients’ branding visible in different settings.

Notebooks & Pens 

Back-to-school promotions allow distributors to market existing products such as office essentials in the context of learning and studying. But taking notes is not just for students! Journaling has become a popular activity to pass the time which can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. This is a great opportunity to create promotions that highlight the versatile uses of notebooks and writing instruments that will remain useful during virtual or in-person classes.


We offer a variety of cinch bags, tote bags and electronic travel cases that are great for clients looking to increase brand awareness. These products are often kept for a long time and are equally useful for younger students, teachers and parents, allowing them to expand their reach and connect with different demographics. Encourage customers to send out bags that can be used to throw in books, clothes or lunch whenever they return to classes.


Promotional products are great tools to use while dealing with the challenges of going back to school. From the concerns of a safe return to the difficulties associated with achieving academic success, branded products possess many special qualities that can help your clients overcome these hurdles. If your lineup does not include these options or you would like to expand your product offerings it could be beneficial to have samples in hand or virtual sample images to show your prospective clients.