Generating Better Blog Content

  • Apr 19, 2024

Nowadays with the prominence of the internet and the rise of e-commerce practices, it is more important than ever to build an online presence for your business. A good online blog can improve your ranking in internet searches related to your business, enhancing the chances that prospects will find you while also increasing engagement with current clients. Below are some of the ways you can generate better blog content for your website as a way to keep your audience interested. 


Trending in the News 


Are there any stories in the news that intersect with your business? If so, you can use these events in order to shine a light and bring focus to your work. Craft relevant blogs that deliver insight into how a particular issue is tied to your business and what that means for your customers. For example, with many cities banning single-use plastics, this represents an opportunity for your clients to advertise their companies using tote bags and other reusable products like drinkware. Highlight how your products and services can help address an issue by providing product ideas and tips to capitalize on a trend such as sustainability



What’s Hot?


Are there any products that have increased in popularity recently due to a change in weather or as a result of a moment gone viral? You should take advantage and piggyback on the momentum generated by these instances. For example, we all know summer is when everyone heads outdoors for barbecues, picnics, and pool parties, making it the ideal time to sell hats, BBQ sets, and cooler bags. Your blog content should focus on seasonally relevant product ideas that enhance the season’s activities and clients are more likely to buy. Look at the recent Stanley Cup craze that has inspired products such as our Typhoon 40 Ounce Tumbler



Writing about a product is great, but showing it in action is even better! Incorporate different types of media into your blogs including graphics, embedded videos, and hyperlinks to other online sources. This is a great way to give more life and depth to the blog posts without adding words. Visual representations do a superb job of showing customers and prospects the possibilities of incorporating promo in their campaigns. Make illustrations of what the different imprint options look like on a finalized product to help them visualize how they can get the most out of their promos. 



Beyond offering high-quality, trending promotional products, your website should also have links to sections where anyone browsing your site can find additional content about the products and services you sell. This includes media such as photos, videos, and blogs outlining creative promotional product ideas, as well as news and industry developments. This is just another way you can add value to your clients' campaigns while ensuring they keep coming back to you for their promotional needs.