Fashion For Everyone!

  • May 26, 2023

One of the great features of promo apparel is that it can be enjoyed by everyone. As it’s not industry specific and serves different purposes, clients can use products from this category to achieve virtually any promotional objective. From outfitting sports teams to raising awareness about a cause, it is their versatility that makes them such effective advertising tools.  A recent trend in fashion that promises to make apparel even more inclusive than before is unisex clothing. Although the concept is not entirely new, it has recently made significant headway in the promo sphere as many fashion trends often draw inspiration from previous eras. This along with the rise of retro-inspired promotions has placed this product category amongst the most in demand for the year. 


As a distributor you should be aware of new trends as they emerge, not only to give your clients more tools to market themselves but also as a way to attract new demographics. This means that as the lines of gendered clothing blur, so will the shopping sections. Ensuring you are staying in sync with the preferences of the public is a great way to differentiate yourself in a competitive promo market. First, it is crucial to understand that comfort has been a huge driver behind the recent push for genderless fashion. During the pandemic, we saw the rise of athleisure and streetwear as individuals felt that productivity levels had no correlation with formal workwear when working remotely. Since then we are seeing a shift towards the personalization of sweatpants, hoodies, and t-shirts that can be used by both males and females. Make sure your lineup includes comfortable options as it has become a top priority for many sections of the public.


In terms of selling customers unisex clothing, it basically comes down to the terminology. Start by moving away from labeling apparel as “for men” or “for women” Instead focus on highlighting product features such as “fitted crew-neck” T-shirts or “side-seamed cotton” T-shirts. Categorize apparel by using terms such as “casual” or “formal” and highlight items that can be worn in various ways. It is also important to carry a number of sizes to ensure everyone looks and feels good while wearing the garment.


Another way to entice clients to try out unisex clothing in their upcoming promotions is by highlighting their sustainability. Many gendered clothing options fall under the category of “fast fashion” which has been slowly moving out of favorability with younger generations. Producing only one style of clothing reduces significantly the number of emissions being used/released into the atmosphere. As companies seek to add their logo to ethically and environmentally friendly sourced garments, there is a real opportunity to sell them on gender-neutral apparel. 


Whether your clients are looking for products that can outfit their entire staff or whether they want to attract new demographics, encourage them to try unisex clothing. Regardless of the garment they choose, at Magnus, we can customize it to add a personal and unique touch. Our list of decoration services includes embroidery for long-lasting imprints, screen printing ideal for personalization in multiple locations and direct-to-garment printing for lively full-colour designs.