Easter Themed Promotions

  • Apr 15, 2022

After many winter months, businesses are now gearing up with giveaways and promotional tools to make their long-awaited comeback this year. As we continue to recover from the long-lasting effects of the pandemic, companies will be looking to increase brand recognition and boost team morale as a way of retaining employees and customers. Themed promotions are a great way to introduce your clients to the power of branded products. Take a look at our top must-have products related to Easter which will remain useful throughout spring and summer and allow your clients to make the most out of their promo! 


Add a Splash of Colour 

Easter is often associated with blooming flowers and warm weather as spring settles in during the celebration of this holiday. As a colourful holiday, this is a unique opportunity to pitch colouring books, colouring pencils and notebooks to your clients. For clients who work with children such as the education sector, or medical and dental offices, colouring books make a great promotional item. Our colouring books feature friendly images of cuddly animals, floral patterns, and other pictures that embody the theme of spring. Additionally, national interest in health and wellness has boosted the demand for these types of products as colouring has been linked with relaxation and reducing stress.

Gift Baskets  

Multi-product packages have increased in popularity over the course of the pandemic and have shown no signs of going anywhere. Also known as kitting in the promotional products industry, this trend plays closely on the theme of Easter baskets, allowing you to market product bundles in a new light. Show your clients the value of personalizing different types of products which help keep their logos in the spotlight in different settings. As a bonus, clients can pack them inside one of our tote bags to create a one-of-a-kind gift bag. Bundles offer a variety of options that allow clients to build rapport with different demographics. They are great for corporate giveaways, charity tournaments, and appreciation or rewards programs.


Virtual Egg Hunt 

Promotional products also serve as useful tools for supporting online marketing efforts. Encourage clients to personalize visually attractive products that recipients will want to show off online. Add trendy lifestyle products to your lineup or alternatively offer some new headwear options that will remain useful throughout the season. The idea is for the products to permeate the online community serving as an “easter egg” each time someone comes across a post online. Great for getting the general public accustomed to a new brand or event. Trade shows, conventions, and the finance and tech sectors are some examples of markets to target with this unique promotional idea.

As a distributor, holidays and special days give you new opportunities to pitch your products to your clients. If you do not have these options added to your lineup, now is a great time to bring these items on board as they are currently in high demand. As trends are constantly changing, make sure to periodically revamp your offerings in order to bring your customers all of the latest products available in the market.