Charity, Fundraisers & Non-Profit Promotions

  • Mar 18, 2022

As restrictions are being lifted and in-person events ramp up across the country this will surely have an impact on the landscape of the promo products industry. Amongst the many industries to target, the resilient non-profit market, including charities and other community outreach programs, will be looking for ways to raise awareness and garner additional support for their causes. Using branded products is a great way to promote in-person events, and boost campaigns for a low cost. Entice this sector to try out your products by highlighting the qualities that make them suitable for these types of occasions. 




As a distributor, it is imperative that you emphasize the affordability of your products and include items in your lineup that adhere to the budgets of non-profits. As these types of organizations often operate with limited resources, using tools wisely and effectively can make a world of difference. Aside from being budget-friendly, items that are kept for a long time and even passed down to others are suitable for campaigns where every penny counts! Writing instruments, particularly plastic pens are amongst the least expensive items that still deliver a strong promotional punch. We have a number of lightweight, slim barrel pens that are perfect to give out at in-person events. 


Wide Reaching 


One of the ways you can help your clients make the most of in-person events is to offer products that increase visibility. As a distributor, put yourself in the shoes of supporters that will be receiving the gift, and think about the kind of products you would like to get from these organizations. A good idea is to pitch products that allow both participants and organizers to showcase their support. For example, think about providing them with products that remain visible in public places. Tote bags and caps are perfect as they are unisex and appeal to many demographics, allowing your client's message to create more impressions. Bags and caps are distributed by your customers to spread the word about their cause. 


Beyond Giveaways


Freebies have become standard at fundraisers and other charitable events, however, your customers can take their promo to the next level by incorporating it into their campaigns as prizes or items that can be retailed. Many of our premium promo products have a high perceived value which makes them suitable for raffles, contests and awards. Lifestyle items like steak knives, cutting boards and cooking utensils are amongst the most sought-after products in the market. These are ideal for strengthening relationships between supporters, and sponsors which is imperative for the organization of future events. 


Promotional products are powerful tools for non-profits to use when trying to increase awareness and support for their causes. Branded products that are budget-friendly and appealing to a large number of people should be a part of your lineup, as these can be incorporated into a number of community and charitable initiatives. Lastly, their high perceived value and staying power can be used to help your clients rally together and keep them supporting future endeavours.